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It Could Have Been Me

I’m having a lot of feelings as of late. So many feelings, that I’m not sure HOW I’ve been holding it together lately. From Breonna

Love Hurts

Love hurts. It’s messy, it’s crazy, it’s stressful and it’s chaotic.   You know what else is chaotic? *large gesture to the whole ass Earth*

The image features a cinema marquee stating "The world is temporarily closed."

Quarantine Chronicles – First Edition

Ah technology… What a remarkable, incredible, magnificent, horrible, waste-land mankind has created, amirite? I mean, it just depends on what kind of day you’re having!


For My Sister

It’s been a very long time folks… too long. I’d apologize, but I highly doubt I’m all that engaging or important to any of you

Where is the love?

Recently, I stumbled across an editorial on a lesbian entertainment website that I have been a long follower and fan of. The article was titled: