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Here’s a fun one for you…
Astrology used to fascinate me. I like to understand the characteristics of every astrological sign, and try to see those traits in people I knew within them. I understand and realize that some people see it as bullshit, especially people who are religious or who view it with some sort of over analytical lens. However, I have found some truth in astrology in my life.
For instance. I am a Libra. I’m a classic Libra. For those of you who see this all as malarky and know nothing about Libras, lemme give you a crash course.
Libras are romantics by nature. We’re charming. We have a strong sense of justice and fairness. We can be indecisive. The biggest trait that I possess of a Libra is diplomacy. We are a very diplomatic people. We are usually able to broker peace in conflict. Being an empath adds a little extra flair to the diplomacy.
Since I’m an empath, I can literally feel the argument of both sides. I not only see the arguments to each party, but I feel the emotion behind it. I do have my own mind and my own opinions of most things, but it helps to have someone broker a peace deal when they can at least communicate the rationale behind each side’s argument.
However, there are aspects of being a Libra that aren’t really me. Most Libras tend to be outgoing and flirts. I *am* a flirt by nature, and I’m outgoing when pushed out of my comfort zone. However, I am a severe introvert and therefore, tend to be shy initially. The diplomacy often causes a Libra to be flighty, because they are easily swayed by others’ arguments. That is not me. Because I do have a strong sense of justice and fairness, I am open to the point of view of others, but that doesn’t necessarily sway me. Therefore, one of the traits of being a Libra is being “unreliable” and ANYONE who knows me knows that that is the last adjective to describe me.
You get the picture, right? Okay…
As I’ve gotten older, while I still can appreciate astrology, I have become more of a proponent of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. I feel like that test is totally more scientific in nature.
(For the record, I’m an INFP.)
Because my writing of Shadow Resistance was heavily influenced by my life, and due to my fascination with the above, I decided to consider each main character in the first book and give them their astrological signs and Myers Briggs personality type. If this is your bag, then ENJOY!
Dom – Dom Samuels is the character whose personality is most like mine. It would only make sense that we share similar traits. Therefore, Dom is a Libra and an INFP.
Sign justification – Her birthday is in October. She is self-indulgent, and detached. However, once you get to know her, she’s also balanced and has a strong sense of fairness. Despite coming across as aloof and uninteresting, when her guard is let down, she is charming and just about anyone who meets her likes her.
MBP justification – She is an obvious introvert. INFP personality types want to see the good in people even when facts point otherwise. This often causes them to be burned, and if it happens too much, they start to close off and become hard to know. However, once you get to know them, you see them as the idealist full of creativity and passion. (Read more about INFP personality types here)
Rose – Rose Jenkins is a Pisces and an ESFJ.
Sign Justification – While I have not mentioned a birth month, I will tell you guys that the events of book 1 took place just after her 35th birthday, which means she was born in early March. Pisces are kind, compassionate and selfless. This is all evident in the passion she has for her community and the work she does to make it try to make it better.
MBP justification – ESFJ people tend to be altruistic and focus on helping others. They are sensitive and warm and can connect with even the toughest audiences. (Such as how Rose was able to immediately connect with Dom.) I truly believe so many readers really enjoy her because of her sensitive and warm nature, which is exactly how most ESFJs come across. (Read more about ESFJ personality types here)
(Okay the following has a long caveat)
Layla – Layla is probably the character that is known the least as far as personality, and that was done on purpose. I knew going in that this was going to be a series, and this presented an interesting navigation concern. She was always meant to be one of the big 3 protagonists, (Dom, Rose & Layla) and all three of the women have their own baggage from their past. However, as I wrote the story, the pasts and motivations of Dom & Rose became more germane to the initial plot. Layla’s history of being an orphan who had no sense of home or any family, outside of the ones she created with people she truly trusted, is something that I did not want to truly just gloss over. So, as the series progresses, you will get to know Layla.
(In fact, within the first five chapters of the second novel, you learn a lot more about her past and her attachments in New Orleans.)
I say all this to say, just trust me on the following. Layla is a Cancer & an ENTJ. I’ll try to give some rationale without providing spoilers for future novels.
Sign justification – She is one of the two characters in the novel that had a birth month mentioned, which is July. (chapter 22). Cancers can be a walking paradox, especially if they have trauma in their background. She is very faithful and protective of those she cares for, yet she doesn’t trust people easily. She is emotional, but she masks this emotion behind a suspicious nature. Vulnerability is not easy for her.
MBP Justification – She does not come across as extroverted, and I would probably say she is like 60% extroverted and 40% introverted. That is to say, she does not mind being around people and interacting with them, however due to her trust issues, she doesn’t seek them out and she’s perfectly fine on her own. Despite being the youngest of the protagonists, she is a natural leader. She is confident in her knowledge and skills, and does not deal well when people don’t believe she knows what she’s doing. (Read more about ENTJ personality types here)
Vasquez – Rachel Vasquez is a Taurus and an ESTP. She is a hybrid of several people in my life, mainly my wife and some friends.
Sign justification – Besides the fact that hers was the first birth months mentioned in the novel, (chapter 8) Tauruses tend to be down to earth, dependable, and independent. However, we can truly see a Taurusean trait in her persistence. (Also, from what I hear, Tauruses LOVE their food. LOL)
MBP justification – I would dare say that Vasquez is the most extroverted character of the novel. ESTP people tend to be adventurous and daring. They are often the life of the party, and can come across as flighty. They are bold, sociable and direct in their pursuits. However, they are very caring and dependable, quick to try to help solve a problem and not afraid to take risks. (Read more about ESTP personality types here)
Ryan – Ryan Jenkins is a Leo and an ISFJ.
Sign Justification – Once again, I have not mentioned a birth month for him, but Ryan’s birthday is in August. Leos are kind and big-hearted and tend to be optimistic. They are loyal, sometimes to a fault, and they are trustworthy.
MPB justification – ISFJ personality types are defenders by nature. They are protective and have the desire to do good. I feel that Ryan’s defending personality emerged early when he immediately expressed his desire to join his sister and brother to protect them, just after returning from a war. ISFJs are reliable, patient, loyal and practical. However, as mentioned towards the end of the book, they can internalize their feelings. (Read more about ISFJ personality types here)
Robert – Like Layla, Robert’s full personality has yet to be exposed. This was also on purpose, but for a different reason. For Layla, it was a matter of her story not being able to fully fit into the initial plot line without it being forced and possibly, not making a lot of sense. However, for Robert, it’s because he is now trying to figure out who he is. He spent a long time strung out on drugs, and then in prison. The first novel takes place just as Robert is getting released and initially, he is hopeful due to his relationship with his former cellmate. Once events unfold, he has been put in a situation where the rug of hope was pulled from under him and he is determined not to self-medicate, but to figure it out. As the series progresses, Robert will come into his own, and while I haven’t mapped out how it will come to fruition, this is how I personally see him.
Robert is a Gemini and an ISFP.
Sign Justification – Robert was born in June. Geminis are versatile, adjustable and soft-spoken. However, they also have a hard time making decisions and can be anxious and lack direction. For Robert, the negatives, particularly the anxiety and trauma he experienced is what led him to his drug addiction.
MBP Justification – ISFP personality types are creative and enjoy experimentation with themselves and with external factors. They are sensitive, curious, and passionate. However, they can struggle with low self-esteem and become easily stressed out. They are playful and quick to laugh. We see this side of Robert emerge as the first novel progresses. (Read more about ISFP personality types here)
What’s your personality type? You should take the test and share!

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